World Water Day

March 19, 2021

World Water Day

A single drinking water advisory can mean as many as 5,000 people lack access to safe, clean drinking water. In 2018, there were 174 drinking water advisories in over 100 First Nations, with some communities being without safe water for over 20 years. This should be history.

How can you participate? 

For World Water Day we are supporting Water First, Canada’s leading charitable organization working with Indigenous communities to resolve local water challenges.

Over the coming weeks, we will be sending hundreds of reusable water bottles to our partners across the country.


To participate, you simply download the Fill it Forward app, refill the water bottle, and scan the code. Each time you scan Know History will donate $1.00 to Water First!

The funds will provide opportunities for Indigenous adults to undertake training programs so they can pursue a career in water science. This is an important step in supporting First Nations communities who have identified that they need qualified local personnel to run and monitor their water plants.

Raising Awareness:  

In addition to raising funds, this campaign is also intended to raise awareness. We will be posting a series of stories on social media highlighting the historical roots of boil-water advisories. You can support this endeavour on social media by posting about the campaign with the hashtag #ShouldBeHistory. Make sure to tag us so we can share the #ShouldBeHistory team that is supporting this initiative!

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