KH's Tenth Anniversary - Top10

September 2, 2021

KH's Tenth Anniversary - Top10
September 6, 2021 is our 10-year anniversary! To mark this milestone, we will be releasing KH Top 10 Lists in the week leading up to our celebration.

Over the last decade, our team has made many road trips: throughout the Great Lakes region, along the winding roads of interior B.C., and between rural communities in Nunavut. To celebrate 10 years of long car rides and great people, we are sharing The Top 10 Must-Dos on a KH Road Trip:

10. Make great playlists.
9. If they offer an upgrade at the rental shop - take it, but don’t tell the boss.
8. 20 kms to empty is not a scientific measurement.
7. Eat local.
6. Stop at every roadside attraction.
5. When Inuit tell you that your clothes won’t be warm enough, your clothes won’t be warm enough.
4. Just because you have a giant teddy bear in the car named Jeffrey, doesn’t mean you can’t get into an argument with bikers.
3. Always talk to bikers, they are some of the most interesting people you will meet.
2. Respect the land you travel on and get to know its history. You are a visitor.
1. Listen and learn from the amazing people you meet.
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Emily Keyes               
Emily keeping warm in in Iqaluit, 2015.        
Historic site in Timmins
Nick and Elina vising in historic site in Timmons during their 2019 fieldwork trip.