Stories matter. They contain valuable knowledge that informs identity and educates community members and visitors about how the present came to be. They also leave a legacy for younger generations. 

Know History works with Indigenous Nations and groups to collect and preserve oral histories held by individuals and communities. We collaborate in the design of oral history projects that recognize appropriate protocols. At all times we acknowledge our place as visitors and allies in this land we call home. From pre-interview to post-interview and presentation, Know History takes the responsibility involved with collecting and sharing peoples’ stories seriously. We approach this work with integrity and respect while ensuring our practices cause no harm to Indigenous communities. 

Oral history is paramount. Recording oral histories preserves the voices of Elders for the future and allow the sharing of personal stories. These stories can be related to a historical event for an exhibit, a commemorative book, a documentary film, or even for tourism products. What matters in the recording process is that the central storytelling voice is yours.

What We Offer

  • Question planning
  • Transcription
  • Historical archival and image research
  • Oral history workshops
  • High-quality audio and video recording
  • Community Training

Partner Stories

Métis Nation of Ontario

In collaboration with SandBay Entertainment, we produced a seven-part documentary series for the Métis Nation of Ontario. Each short educational film highlights one of the province’s Historic Métis Communities, exploring their genesis, key historical challenges, and cultural distinctiveness. Targeted at youth, the series also looks at the persistence of these communities and their traditions. We are incredibly humbled and honoured to share that this project won one-of-three 2020 Canadian Historical Association Prizes in Public History along with making Know History the first Canadian firm to win the U.S.-based National Council on Public History’s 2020 Excellence in Consulting Award.

Continuous engagement with community stakeholders guided the production (completed in 2019). This ensured that the unique stories and values of each community were accurately and respectfully represented at every stage of the project. The films feature excerpts from 27 oral history interviews conducted by Know History, combined with high-resolution archival images and custom maps to illustrate the stories being told on screen.

Check out the teaser video, below, which we created to celebrate winning the awards for our work on this important project.